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January 9, 2016
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January 9, 2016



Pre-Engineering building accessories are used for erection of roofing and cladding of steel structures.


PEB accessories used in complete solution of roofing and cladding of all steel structures like warehouses & industrial sheds.


Advantages of PEB over Conventional buildings

Erection time is faster Determine inventory of raw material
Covered width 1200mm±10mm
Significant savings in design, manufacturing and site erection cost Use of software for design and drafting speed up project
Different and unique designs possible Long durability & Low maintenance
Energy efficient roofing and cladding system Possible Complete buildings available with single supplier (Single source)
30% lighter than conventional structures Assured quality possible
Large spans possible (up to 90M) Highly sophisticated production line reduces the time of production
Expansion in width and height is possible Site assembly is faster
Reduce overall construction time Increased strength of overall structure