Coated-Coils (GI, GL,GALFAN)

Galvanized Corrugated (GC) Sheets
January 7, 2016
Color-Coated-Coils (PPGI , PPGL , PPCR)
January 7, 2016

Coated-Coils (GI, GL,GALFAN)


To fulfill the demands of manufacturing industry, we provide wide range coated coils.
These coils are extensively used in steel industry in various applications; we keep the stringent quality checks a top priority & supply the best product at very competitive price.
Cold rolled coils have better surface quality, thinner and with more precise size, and also have good mechanical property and excellent formability.
Cold rolled coils (Mild steel)

Galvanized ((GI), 99% Zinc coating),

Galvelume ((GL) zinc and Aluminum coated coils (55% Al-43.4%Zn, 1.6% Silicon),

GALFAN (Zn 5% Al 94%-Mish metal).

Technical Specification:

Thickness 0.20mm to 80mm
Width 750 mm to 1422mm
Zinc coating 80gsm to 120gsm
Yield strength 240, 350, 550Mpa
Base material cold rolled steel
Coil weight 3 to 10MT



  • Raw material for cold rolled mills, Bus/ Truck body buildings.
  • For making automotive parts, households White goods, Gas cylinders, deck plates.
  • For making truss plates, containers, liner plates, Accelerators.