Galvanized Corrugated (GC) Sheets

Trapezoidal wall/side sheets
January 7, 2016
Coated-Coils (GI, GL,GALFAN)
January 7, 2016

Galvanized Corrugated (GC) Sheets


Galvanized corrugated sheets which are basically coated with Zinc to increase the sustainability from corrosion, Improves the endurance of this product in all weather conditions. GC sheets are lightweight roofing material made of thin sheets stiffened by corrugation such as waves, these waves increases the strength and stiffness of lightweight material. The corrugations increase the bending strength of the sheet in the direction parallel to the corrugations. These sheets possess high tensile strength which is best suited for urban & rural housings, Fencing, Side Sheeting for Industrial/Commercial Buildings.

Technical Specification: These sheets are available in different dimension and thickness,

Total width 1220mm±10mm
Covered width 1200mm±10mm
Zinc coating 60-120gsm
Thickness 0.20mm to 0.50mm
Material hardness HRB 60-80 (±5)
Tensile strength 240-550Mpa
No. of pans/Ribs 15/16
Length 8,10,12,16 Feet
Standard IS 15961/AS1397


  • Used in industrial and warehouse sheds,
  • Rural housing,
  • Animal husbandry sheds,
  • Restaurants,
  • Farm buildings,
  • Sports facilities & also as side walls in Garages



  • Easy to maintain
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent durability
  • Light weight
  • Simple to use
  • Long lasting

Difference between GC sheets vs Asbestos cement sheets vs Traditional Kavelu

Features GI & GL Corrugated Sheets Traditional mud & cement Kavelu Asbestos sheets
Strength Hard and tough Easily breakable Brittle (Breakable)
Recycle 100% Recyclable Not Recyclable Not Recyclable
Health hazard Not harmful to health Not harmful Harmful (Link to lung cancer)
Longevity Long life 25-40years Short life 3-8 years Life 30 to40 years
Weather resistant Leakage proof Leakage is unavoidable Leakage is possible
Fire resistant Excellent fire resistant Resistant Resistant
Weight Light weight heavy heavy
Roofing Installation Ease of installation Difficult Difficult (As brittle)
Maintenance No Maintenance required Yearly maintenance required High repair cost
Modification Possible Not possible Not possible
Environment Eco friendly Eco-friendly Hazardous
Handling Ease of handling Need great care Need great care
Design Various designs attainable Not attainable Not attainable