Sinusoidal Wave Profile

Tile Profile
January 7, 2016
Trapezoidal wall/side sheets
January 7, 2016

Sinusoidal Wave Profile


Sine wave profile sheets are broadly used as side walls in industrial/commercial sectors. These sheets has become better choice in front sheds in residential & commercial buildings.

Technical Specification: Sino 1220

Total width 1220mm±10mm
Covered width 1200mm±10mm
Zinc coating 60-120gsm
Thickness 0.20mm to 0.50mm
Material hardness HRB 60-80 (±5)
Paint coating (top) 13-20micron
Primer coating (bottom) 3-7micron
No. of pans/Ribs 15/16
Length 8,10,12,16 Feet
Standard followed IS 15961/AS1397

Length can be supplied up-to 40ft, If not constrained by road transportation.


  • Light roof
  • Warehouse
  • Rural sheds
  • Side wall fencing
  • Frontal sheds



  • Fine Aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Long shelf life
  • Dimensional accuracy