Stone Coated Roofing Sheets

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January 9, 2016
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January 9, 2016

Stone Coated Roofing Sheets


Stone coated sheets are the robust roof sheets compare to all roofing sheets being used in construction of houses with life span up to 50 years.
These sheets made by up of steel coated with stone chips attached with an acrylic film that make it water proof & heat proof, these sheets are good for all season as it protects from leakage in rainy season and protect from heat in summer.


Technical Specification:

Base material Al-Zinc Galvanized Steel (Galvalume steel sheet 0.45mm)
Size 1170*380mm
Material Natural stone chips
Weight per tile 2.5kg*

Stone coated sheets been best suited for house in colder regions like Europe and US, but due to unconditional rain and extreme hot climate and rising temperature, these sheets becoming preferred choice in India too.


These sheets are used for roofing on residential houses.



  • Light weight
  • Durable and robust
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Fading resistant